Our Coaches

Chantal Robert

Chantal is passionate about all things skating! When she’s not on an adventure with her two sons and her husband, she can often be found at the arena!

Chantal is a certified coach with over 15 years of experience. She retired from competitive skating in 2006, having competed at the national level. The Elliot Lake Skating Club has been Chantal’s home club since 1994; during her skating career, she achieved quadruple Gold – she passed Gold Skills, Gold Dance, Gold Free Style, and Senior Competitive tests. Chantal is our Head Coach, and she will be coaching our StarSkate program this season.

Sarah Girard

Sarah has skated since the age of 9 and loved it ever since. She skated with the Elliot Lake Skating Club for many years, travelled for summer schools in Blind River and Sault Ste. Marie, and competed in the surrounding regions. Throughout her skating journey, Sarah achieved several Gold senior-level tests including Gold Skills, Gold Dance & Gold Free Style Elements. She became certified as a CanSkate Coach in 2011, and as a primary StarSkate Coach (formerly Level 1) in 2016. Sarah has been working for the Elliot Lake Skating Club since 2010; she will be coaching our CanSkate and StarSkate programs this season and is looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Sarah Bujold

First joining the Elliot Lake Skating Club in 1996, Sarah spent countless hours at the Rio Den and Centennial Arenas. She became certified as a coach in 2006, coaching in Elliot Lake and Antigonish (Nova Scotia) for a few years before leaving Canada to pursue other goals and interests. Now based in Sault Ste. Marie, Sarah returned to the ice in 2021. She assists our coaches with coverage as needed.